Printing process pro – or against it?


Today we are facing a big problem in which concerns the printing of some materials, especially when not needing them. Obviously, in the printing area this might be confusing, but we must face the reality. We need to print, without this we can not evolve.

Why are we such supporters of the printing process? Well, this comes as a result to the crisis that the humanity is facing. Just a few people are enjoying reading a book, a lot of them had replaced the sheets with the tablet. Unfortunately, this digital progress does not bring with it all the good things. You can not replace the study book, you can not give a smartphone to a kid to learn on it, when you know that this is the attraction point for other things at that age. It is ridiculous to think that this can mean progress for the civilisation.

A book is very important, and so it must be printed. And not in just one single exemplary, but in large series. OK, we can now learn online English, online Dutch, online Japanese, online everything, but is it helpful?

If you have a company and you want to promote it, we understand, it is fine to promote yourself in the online environment, but what about the printed catalogues? What about the invitation to offices and live demonstration? Will you carry a laptop in an area where you know that you have no Internet? What will you do then? And if your client need to see the catalogue after your meeting, what will you do? Are you going to leave a laptop to every customer? No, indeed. The printed, demonstration catalogues are the solution.

Also, how will you invite the loved ones to your wedding? On Facebook? It is a solution yes, already a lot of couples are doing that, but is it pretty? No, it is not pretty, not even funny, and it is absolutely impersonal. The intimacy of the moment, the look on that persons face… Oh, you can not digitalise everything. The baptism of your child, a great moment, isn’t it true? How will the people know? Through the Internet? The pictures already circulate in this way, but is it the real way?

This is why we support printing. We support it due to the fact that all the products exist in a physical way. You can touch them, you can enjoy them, you can feel them as well as you can feel or see the expression on the people’s faces. This can not be done through the digital era. It is important as well to know how to work on a computer, it is important that your child knows that, but put at first a book in his hand. Let’s learn to turn the pages of a book instead of the sheet on the Internet. That is the real development of the human kind. That is the real progress. To appreciate and to preserve what you have, to keep a human interface and not a digital one.