Are leather gloves good for winter?

Leather gloves make for versatile accessories to wear to any occasion, but the truly important question is: are they fit for winter wearing?

They may be appropriate for any season and weather, as long as you choose according to your needs and climate.

Since leather gloves can be made from a wide range of leather and have various kinds of lining, here are a few things to keep in mind when making your leather glove purchase this winter:

Know the purpose of your gloves

You may have several reasons for buying a pair (or more) of leather gloves. Make sure you choose wisely according to when and where you will wear them.

If you need your leather gloves to just keep your hands warm while fulfilling day to day tasks, choose a comfortable pair that allows you to do whatever it is you need to do, without having to take them off. In order for your pair to be even more practical, make sure you choose the right size and fit, so that you can put them on and take them off without difficulty.

An elegant pair of smooth leather gloves will keep your hands warm enough. They should also be ideal for everyday use, including driving, and will make for a great accessory worn with your work attire or casual outfits.

In case you want to wear your leather gloves for outdoor activities, doing some work around the house or going on a ski trip, you should forget about the elegant gloves and choose the rougher, thicker pair that is also waterproof.

Choose your leather according to your needs

Leather gloves can be made of several different types of leather, such as sheepskin, deerskin, lambskin, cowhide or other types. You should make sure that yours are made of leather that serves the purpose you need them for.

Cowhide leather is an inexpensive, yet thick leather, perfect for gloves to wear for working outdoors.

Deerskin is ragged and goatskin is rather rough, making them materials more appropriate for everyday use gloves than accessories.

Sheepskin and lambskin gloves are more common, as they are good for driving and can be worn to compete any casual look.

Choose the right type of lining

The material you choose as your glove lining is just as important as the outer leather and your choice may be subject to personal preference, but also to climate conditions.

Soft leather gloves with cashmere lining are the ideal choice for windy and rainy weather. You can count on them to warm and protect your hands.

Deerskin gloves are rough enough to help you get through tougher weather and even without lining, they are warm enough to shield your hands from the cold snowy weather.


Making the choice to buy a pair of leather gloves should not be too difficult. There is a pair for anyone, no matter the season, occasion or personal taste. Invest now in a pair of leather gloves and you will find that your gift to yourself will keep giving for many years to come.