Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Raccoon Eyes

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. You didn’t get enough sleep the night before and now you have huge dark circles under your eyes. This problem is common among women with light complexions but anyone is susceptible to it.

Waking up with raccoon eyes is very unsightly and you’ve probably tried tons of different methods to get rid of them. Well if you never had luck with it before, you’ve come to the right place. The following article will tell you how you can get big and beautiful eyes and say goodbye to those dark circles forever.

If you wake up with raccoon eyes, the first thing you are going to want to do is reach for your concealer. However, any concealer won’t do. It is important that you choose concealer that is has a pink or yellow undertone. The reason for this is you want a lighter color to offset the dark bags that form under your eyes.

If you choose a darker colored concealer, you run the risk of drawing even more attention to the darkness around the eye area.

Another great tip for concealing raccoon eyes is to use a brightening cream. Brightening creams are great because they get rid of that dull look around your eyes. better yet, you should opt for a brightening cream that reflects light. This will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter than ever before.

If you suffer from a chronic case of dark bags under your eyes, you may need to start a stricter eye care regimen. One thing that many people have had success with is vitamin K. Before you go to bed each night, apply an eye cream that contains vitamin K. This nutrients helps the blood flow under your eyes, which will greatly reduce the likelihood of waking up with raccoon eyes.

One thing you must avoid when dealing with raccoon eyes is purple colored eye shadow. Similar to using darker concealers, purple eye shadow is just going to draw more attention to the dark circles that are under your eyes. Only now, it will appear as if your entire eye area is bruised. Stick you brighter colors if you must wear eye shadow.

Perhaps the best way to combat raccoon eyes is to get plenty of sleep. Lets face it, you are probably in this predicament because you don’t get enough sleep in the first place. However if you are serious about getting rid of this problem once and for all, you need to make sleep a priority in your life. You should strive to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep each and every night.

Nobody likes to wake up with dark circles under their eyes. It can make you look old and tired for the entire day. It certainly isn’t a great look if you are out and about in public. Use the advice given in the article above and get rid of raccoon eyes once and for all.