Why do we use mesh for printing?

We can all agree that advertising is the process by which we make our self known in the eyes of the large public. Being already known by now, the outside printed banners are being more and more used. You all realise that the outdoor printing has a lot of expectations especially if we are talking about the commercial use.

A lot of people had searched for years from a lot of material for the one on which the ink could be printed, but also that can resist in time to really hard outdoor conditions. That is how the mesh got into our lives. What is in fact this material that we call mesh?

This material is a polyplan combination (PVC), with the difference that it is not a compact material as the usual polyplan is. This is a huge advantage especially in those cases when we talk about large format printing. Mesh reduces the weight of the banner, due to its density, smaller than other materials.

Now the printing on this material it is quite used by every printing company, being in fact the perfect alternative for the advertising printing.

Mesh printing is useful because the banner perfectly made can be exposed on the outside environment without worries, the ink being the best on the market, with solvent, especially created to resist to the outside environment. That means that no mater what weather condition may appear, the ink will remain on the material, it will not flow and it will not discoloured. That means that those banners can resist even to the UV condition, and even to snow and rain.

The mesh is being used for advertising a lot of domains and companies. This material is especially suited for printing on large dimensions, due to the fact that its perforation will not allow us to see a clear, quality image looking from a close view. That is why this material is perfect for large sized banners, for decorating facades, or for advertising, because the whole image will be perfectly shown from distance, on large format.

As well as advantageous for using mesh for print is the fact that this material can allow the passing of the light through its perforations. This is very important because in some cases this banners are designed to cover a large space of the facade of a building.The covered windows of that building have to benefit as well from light and this may be the best solution. You can also have both light and advertising using the same product. Imagine that until mesh, the banners would cover a large space that must be artificially illuminated, conditioned that lead to large expenses with the energetically use, and bigger prices for hosting the banner.


Mesh printing will always be one of the best solution for the outdoor advertising print. That at least until that day when a better product will rise to make some competition. The advertising domain will always need the best solutions in order to keep the money coming, and for that it must provide the best services and products, for all its customers.