Why looking for textile printing?

The textile printing process does not need any presentation, a lot of people knowing what we are talking about, and even more of them already using it. The most common use of the textile printing is in the advertising environment, because here the entrepreneurs need the best solution for their businesses in order to present their products.

It is true that until today those entrepreneurs were using for their exhibition systems the special paper put on rolls, but today those products are replaced by the textile special print, so that their resistance an aesthetics to increase even more. And their transport to be safer. And to have reduced costs.

OK, so far, but we were curious to know why this change happened, so we put together all the pieces of the puzzle, so that we can find out why this sudden replacement. In fact it is more than simple, and below is what we had found. The textile printing is more advantageous in the advertising business due to a lot of reasons, such as the following ones.

Reduced weight. Well you don’t have to be an engineer to think that a textile banner has a special weight. Due to that, the banners can be easy transported, and they do not need any special transportation costs. Their assembling is even more easier and they are not damaged when they are used again and again. They are more resistant that the usual banners and exhibition systems that had as support the simple paper.

That leads us to another point, the resistance one. We all know that the usual print is pretentious, and if it is made out of paper it can be easy tired up. This is not the case anymore. By using textile printing we can have the satisfaction of having a good exhibition material, without us having to worry about tear or bending.

Another white ball for the textile printing is represented by the environment friendly character. The usual print, the classic one that uses paper for the printed images, was not 100 % Eco, but it looks like now it is he perfect time to change the situation.

The textile print can be reused when needed, and it also can stretch perfectly even in case of the need to change the stand. It does not easy crumples, but even if that would be the case, the material has the ability of changing as it was. This is very important because we all know that the usual materials for printed banners are easy to tear, break or damage, no mater how careful you are. Beyond that, it may be useful to know that for the textile printing there are being used some special types of ink, water based, without solvents.

Well if until today we knew about the textile printing only if we were supporters of a big sports team, making ourselves banners and flags to go to the stadium, well today this process has a lot more applications, and its use is undeniable. not just for flags but for everything that we can imagine.