The new printing era had come!

We are getting more and more used to see the technology on work in every domain of our life. In medicine, in the motoring domain, in schools, in mechanics, and even in the printing area. The printing domain is quite interesting due to the fact that here the processes had evolved a lot, more and more, printing with the special machines things that we could maybe only imagine until now.

If so far we knew just about the printing on paper, and we mean by that the simple process of printing images using ink applied onto paper, well today we can print on almost any material we could imagine, without any headaches.

In some domains there are some clear specifications that allow only the printing on some materials. For example, in the food industry you can not use but the polymer packaging, and not any other type of packing or ink for print. That comes as a result of the possibility of transferring the substances (solvent) into the packaging itself, causing damages to the human organism.

Today we are facing a revelation in the printing department, and we are talking about printing directly on metal. Did you knew this procedure? This is a special area because metal is not quite a surface on which the ink can be applied. Being a compact material with a fine surface, we realise that the process is not an easy one. But printing on rigid material is in fact really useful and that is why a lot of companies had involved themselves in this type of printing.

In other domains there is the necessity of printing on special materials that won’t break or deteriorate, materials that won’t discoloured when working with them. That is how the textile print, or the one on special materials such as canvas, PVC (polyplan), metallic cardboard or any other special type of paper appeared. This prints can be used in a lot of domains, such as sports, advertising, or school domains. Once with them even the special printing machines had evolved in order to give the customers exactly what they need.

If you look at the textile printing area, here you will find that even the clothing are realised by printing the image or the pattern directly on material, these products being more and more appreciate. Digital print on silk or cotton will always be appreciate by the user, because this reduces a lot the printing costs, and the process is more rapidly and easier to be done.

Printing will always be needed in our lives. It will always be present no mater how much technology will appear in time. No mater how many tablets or smart phones will be released on the market, clearly we will need the printed materials in almost every segment of our activity.


The printing industry became a big presence on today’s world, due to the fact that almost nothing would not exist without printed materials. Today we are all facing a lot of challenges, starting with the newest printing process, the 3D one, and all the way to the usual stuff that we are already used. The new printing era has come. Let’s enjoy it!