What makes printing a real art?

We are used to see the beauty in everything that surround us, but only if that thing is particularly are getting in contact with us. For example, a new tablet or a new technology on our smart phone, are easily considered as being art, though is nothing but science. Quite often we look up and we see the sky and we think that is beautiful, but we forget that in fact that is God’s work of art, the best artist of the world.

In printing domain it is exactly the same as in our every day life. We appreciate a good artist who paints beautifully, but we forget that even the printing process is in fact made by human mind and hands, and that it can be a real masterpiece if it is done correctly and with passion. Beyond this we really are are noticing that the colours around us come as a result of the printed images on banners, on publicity walls, or on every thing that we interact with.

Printing means more than Heidelberg printing machines, or Man Roland ones, more about flexografy or digital print. We can all agree that a printed canvas can compete with a beautiful painting exposed in a paint gallery. But somehow the world does not get that. To print is more than a simple technology. Is more that science. In art!

We often think that if a process is automatised than that job is just properly done and that’s it. Wrong. Behind every printing machine there are a lot of people who are organising their time so that everything to be perfect. There are a lot of operators who are dedicating their knowledge in order to give us perfect images, and perfect products.

We personally thing that a good printed image, on a special type of canvas, can compete with a beautiful painting. That is why a lot of people are choosing to redecorate their homes not by paintings, but with printed images, on small or large formats.

How does it work? It is simple. We live in a digital era, so if you have a good, quality picture, it will be loaded it on the special computers that later will send the image on the material to be printed. From there the process is easy. The special printing machines will mix the colours so that the final image to be absolutely perfect and good looking.

But this does not mean that we can only print materials to be disposed on our walls. By printing on foils, those can be used for covering laminating floors, or for decorating special areas of our rooms. In this way you can give your home a plus of colour, you can decorate your rooms, windows or walls, or you can even make your own image gallery.


This type of printing is really useful for all of us due to the fact that it offers us really useful solutions for changing our outdoor or indoor aspect of our home, business, or buildings. After all, we need colour in our life, we can not keep all in shades of black or grey, and neither in just the four already know colours that form CMYK.