What are the advantages of printed packing?

You have learn by now that everything around us has colour and shape, and that this is a process that only the human beings can do it. OK, from the Supreme painter to the printing machines from our life it seems is not such a long way at all. Now we can do almost everything. We can start from printing on a small size piece of paper, and we can finish by printing on large scale sheets, on banners, on mesh, and on any other type of materials.

Very few know the history of printing, and this is understandable in fact. No one cares about the plastic bags in which they carry their food. No one care about the label on the bottles they use. No one gives attention to the packaging made in such beautiful colours and shapes, and no one wonders what effort must be made in order to achieve that.

For the producers, for the ones who are actually paying money to invest in this process, and also for those who are making money doing this process, the things are much interesting. Have you ever wondered how can a canister be painted with a logo? You realise that there are special machines that are making that, and also special types of ink who are designed to resist to all environmental factors: rain, frost, dust, sun, etc.

The printing machines had evolved a lot in the past years, so that today we can all enjoy the beauty of a beautiful wrapped thing. Let’s imagine how would it be without colour in our life. All the products would have a single colour, or a mixture of colours, but that would not ensure their way in our mind. A product remains in the eyes of the customer by their appearance. If you have a well design mould, and if you have as well the best machine that can print that image, you practically increase your chances of being remembered by the clients.

Not all people or all the factories believe that. Some prefer to invest in the quality of the product, and some decide that the packaging is just a wrapping meant to be thrown after the usage of the product. Correct, but in reality the visual perception means today the first impression. Why don’t we use that in our advantage? Why not implementing such an idea if that can mean an additional point for our sales?

We think that today the packaging is everything. The colourful wrapping, the well shaped one, are the ones that interest everybody. Why do you think that the children products are looking so young and colourful? The producers know that they will draw attention over them and they actually use that in order for their product to be bought.

Now, for some maybe this information might not be so useful, but you should know that the appearance of things is today the soul of commerce. For that you must accept the change. You must embrace it and you must align yourself to its needs. And also to the clients needs, because in fact they are the one that you are addressing to. Give it a try, you might be surprised as well as you can be also satisfied.