Invest Money in a Printing Company’s Database or Time in a Google Search?

Every enterprise requires the services of a printing company at some point. Whether it is for advertising leaflets, for the personalized gifts you want to offer to your employees for Christmas or for the pens printed with your company’s logo that you want to offer to your current and potential customers and business partners on all those meetings, you need to collaborate with a professional printing company.

The question is how you can find your best option when it comes to printing services. Besides contacting the companies, you might already know or ask your acquaintances about their printing contractors, both of which would practically give you a limited number of alternatives, you have two main options: benefit from the advantages offered by the almighty internet and begin your online surfing for the most convenient printing company in your city, region or country, or choose a shortcut – a printing companies database. There are pros and cons for each option, so let’s see how they add up.

On the one hand, a patient and thorough online search should lead you to all the printing companies that have an official web page or which are at least listed in the White pages, on Yelp or some other website. You might even find companies that are not included in professionally created databases, though the odds are quite low. The main upside is that, unlike a database, browsing through online pages and comparing the offers of various companies will not cost you anything, not in terms of money at least. It will cost you, however, in terms of time, and this is the major downside.

Especially if the companies do not apply efficient search engine optimization strategies, the links to the pages you are looking for will not pop up immediately after you type the keywords; there are great chances that some of the companies with great offers will be listed after dozens others in which you are probably not interested.

On the other hand, the only downside of a printing company’s database is that you get charged for it. However, the investment will most likely be insignificant, especially if compared to the time consumed searching on Google and to the money you would spend on something that is not worth it if you do not find a truly reliable and professional printing company that way.

A database includes companies selected by dedicated teams, sorted on different criteria, and provides the contact details of each enterprise and other relevant information. You can search directly by address, costs, printing technology and bring your options down to a wisely limited number, which you can consider carefully and choose taking all the important factors into account without wasting too much time.

All in all, purchasing a printing companies database where you can find a suitable printing enterprise every time you require such services seems to be a more advantageous option than searching blindly on the internet. The final decision is, of course, up to you, but you should at least take into account the pros and cons.