Have you ever heard about the Pavlov’s concept?

Have you ever heard about the Pavlov’s concept? Well, maybe some of you know it more as the “Pavlov’ s dog”, but the concept is really the same a unique one and a pretty good one, for which it remains in history and becomes applicable in many segments of life.

You may wonder what may be the connection between the printing area, and an experiment who isn’t in fact even based on humans? The explication is quite simple. The human behaviour resembles somehow with the dog’s, in some cases.

Did you ever notice that when you are calling to a customer at the phone more than one time he will recognise you, and beyond that he will maybe respond in a favourable way to your requests? That is what you need to do for improving your business. You have to attract more people, and for many of them you must find the way to make them respond as the Pavlovian dog.

From psychology we find out that Pavlov used to give his dog the food by associating dinner time with a light. That’s how, after repeated exercises, the dog manage to develop an automatism, an induced reaction, and he started salivating whenever the light was turned on, his mind considering that in the moment of turning the light on it was the lunch time.

In this case I tell you the following. Let there be light! Turn on the light for your customers by calling them, after an analysis from our list of printing companies that we are putting at your disposal. You don’t find yet the resemblance? If I may, I will explain it. When calling repeatedly a client who tells you frequently that he does not need what you have to offer (even if he is working in a similar domain with you, even if he need it or not), at a point, at need, he will remember you in an automatically way, and he will come to you.

The same think applies when you call and call, and so the customer will “salivate” and will react as how you want it to. In either cases the success consist in not being afraid on a no. Clearly you can smash your had a lot of times trying to make a customer react and this may not happen. But these must not mean that you have to give up on the fight.

Trying to find the best ways to get in touch with you customers, it may become very helpful to have on your desk a database that can help you find more easily the companies that you are interested in. From there you can extract the useful information so that your business will not have anything else but to win.


If you are more as an entrepreneur who believe a lot in the campaign payed on the Internet, maybe you would like to try an alternative method, that may surprise you. In terms of the cost it is quite a difference, because we all know that a payed advertising campaign could not bring anything else but cost, and in reality very few benefits. Having a list of potential clients you can choose were you are going, and what you are doing.