A list of printing companies versus a pre-payed advertising campaign

In the last years we often see a lot of people who are willing to give up on their money in order to have as many customers that they can. For that, in what in concerns the Internet, the search engines had elaborated a larger set of strategies that can make the entrepreneurs to invest in the advertising campaigns.

Why are the two situations put together in the same sentence? Because each one of them consist in bringing our businesses a breath of fresh air. Of course, as you already realized, there are as well some differences between the two situation, an we are going to explain that in the following, so that nobody can have any doubt about what is the best to chose for an ongoing business.

First off all, we must mention that both of them came with a price, of course. Nothing from the beginning of the time until today was not for free, and because of that we are confronted now with the cost of each one of the possibilities.

The difference in what consist the price is that a pre- payed campaign, such as the ones from the Adwords module, cost little amount, but they are distributed on very large periods of time. You must pay weekly, or daily, or in the estimated interval in which the allocated amount for click is consumed, thing that goes to large amount of money when we are marking a final line.

The alternative to overspending on an almost unnecessary tool is to select some clients from a database, a list that has the contact data of the people that we are addressing to. When you can manage to contact someone from a safe and secure information, the chances of success are rapidly growing, making you to trust even more this method.

A lot of people are telling that a database can not supply for a person desemnated to make the field work. That is a lot much better to get behind the wheel, and go to were your presence is requested. From our point of view that is correct, but wouldn’t be much better to have a real location to go to? Or isn’t it better to know from the start to whom or where you are going to send the products requested?

No mather from what point of view you would look at the situation. A list of clients would cost far less that a journey to the unknown, isn’t it right? A lot of people are more and more convinced that a list like that can manage a grey situation whet it occurs, and that can be done with just a minimum of investments.


We agree, that means that you will no longer need so much resources, but in time you will find out that for every thing there is a price, and in life, in order to survive, you must choose the less prices possible. For that we can really help you. Again, it is all about a phone, and just a few minutes allocated to these issue. The choice is yours, but when you make it, make it the right one.