The content of a business card

Quality Business Cards

Many people overlook the fact that it is very important to have professional looking business cards that reflect the company’s image objectively and do not realize that this “little paper” has a critical role in how you present yourself in front of business partners .

In most cases the business card is the first element that get in contact with potential clients, so it is the first opportunity to make a positive impression on them.

In these “confusing” times economically, more and more people choose to print their cards themselves arguing with budget cuts. With few exceptions, it is quite easy to note a “low cost” card of poor quality paper and print and / or design “made on the knees.” When you choose “low cost” option what kind of message you sent your business partners? Is your advantage to miss the opportunity to create a positive image since the beginning of the partnership?

Design bussiness cards

Call on a professional graphic design if you do not own the necessary skills. Although it seems simple, it is important that the designs to be accurate in all respects: aesthetic and airy, ergonomics and ease in delivering information, correct layout for print, proper use of color  and integration with other company promotional materials used, etc. .



In general the standard size for a business card is 9x5cm, so you do not have much space available. For best results it must be balanced: don’t put a logo too large, use simple fonts , easy to read and allow generous white space.

The content of a business card

Not crowd irrelevant information. Ask yourself the question: what is really important? Your name along with your logo and company name surely must be present on the business card, as well as contact details: mobile phone, telephone, email address, physical address, company website. If space allows, you can add QR code on the business card.

Front-back Business Cards

As mentioned above, the available space on a card is reduced, but fortunately has 2 faces. The question is why add information on the back?

In general cards are held in special supports that allow the viewing of a single face, so that information on the reverse side should not be of vital importance. In this space you can put the company slogan or simply you should consider a continuation of aesthetic front line; in any case, do not use the space to promote products or services, because cards should not be confused with advertising materials (ex. flyers, brochures, etc.)

Choosing paper for business cards

To avoid the effect of “low cost” try not to make savings when it comes to choosing the paper. There are a variety of special paper and cardboard cards and depending on your choice prices can vary even 80%. Do not print business cards on thin cardboards of 300 g / mp as it is the first indication to the client of the fact that you made “economy”, and the economy is just a few penny/ piece.

Printing business cards

Now that you have a design done by a professional and you have chosen the right paper, it’s time to print the business cards. Depending on the number of copies desired, we provide both digital and offset printing.

The difference between the two? Business cards in digital printing can be achieved even in the same day in terms of excellent quality and in any quantity.

An offset printing command of business cards is executed in 2 to 4 days and the price is directly influenced by the quantity: the higher circulation is the unit price decreases.