Reasons for buying an offset printer

If you are a beginner and you want to start your own business in the domain of printing you should know that all professional dealers offer training along with the product you purchase. The first step for you is to see a list of offset printers to choose from and then make a good decision.

Offset printers have their own manual in which you can find the necessary information you must know in order to operate such a complex equipment. If you decided to buy a printer from the list of offset printers, you can find in the manual specifications about the set up process, the roller and troubleshooting.

There are some things a buyer should look for when he wants to buy an offset printer. There are some parts, especially for used presses, you should analyze thoroughly because they are very important in the printing process. Thus, the auxiliary equipment, the bearers and cylinders should be carefully inspected before buying an offset printer.

It running condition is also important, the price you will pay depending on it. The seller should be asked some important questions regarding the speed of the press, replaced parts, maintenance and production capacity.

These parameters are essential for used presses as they show what the technical condition of the press is. Such details can be obtained from the seller asking for documentation, but also by discussing with him.

The bearers are very important for an offset printer. If they are in good condition, the press will have no problems and the buyer will not be obliged to buy spare parts and pay for many service operations in time. When you intend to buy an offset printer don’t forget to check the condition of the cylinders as well.

Used presses need upgrades from time to time, so be careful to look for manufacturers of parts that can improve the production process and make the required adjustments to your press once you have bought it. Before buying the press, check the condition of its upgraded auxiliary parts.

These steps will help you asses if you can make a final decision. You should see if a specific offset press is right for your business. Your projects can be different in time and they may need equipment with a different production capacity, so be sure you will not change your mind at a given moment in the future.

Last but not least, the price of an offset printer is also important. If you buy a good brand and quality equipment you will have the benefits of such a product in time and your business will not encounter the difficulties brought upon it by defective printing equipment.


Don’t forget that prices are always negotiable, depending on the number of printing presses you buy. Depending on the price, the qualities of the printer you want to purchase and on the above factors that have to be taken into consideration, you will assess the necessity to buy an offset printer or not.