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How can a commercial printers database help your business?

We talked a lot about the database system and it’s implication in the commercial life. But not a lot of people can make the difference between a simple list that can be bought from anybody on the market, and a real database from where you can really find out the exact information that you need.

I will try to explain in the following what a database is supposed to have as a plus in front of a simple list, and how can it be used so that the results can be the expected ones. A simple list will reveal you only a few data, mainly telling you just that a company or that a certain person exists or not.

For example, you can make yourself a really big list by writing down all of your suppliers, starting with the one that brings you the groceries, and finishing with the ones that can bring you the materials for the internal waterproofing of the basement. You will be noting them after their name, on a long list, and you may actualized it from time to time, as any other supplier changes.

How can this help? Not a lot, isn’t it so? Yes, it does not really help, and you must not be a rocket engineer to find out why. The problem is that you can write as many names as you can, for a year, for two, or for ten. This will not help you in the moment that you want to get in touch with one of the suppliers.

A fully covered database can fill out the blank spaces. Who works at a database knows what are the requests. He will have to take note about anything. Because in this times is the most important, the telephone number must not miss from the table. That is an extremely important factor, decisively one if I may say, because on the phone you may have a lot more chances than on an e-mail, mainly because an e-mail can be easily considered as spam by the internal search engines, and may or may not arrive to its destination.

Even so, the e-mail address, the correspondence address, the social address, they are all very important data, that need to be known by the person who uses the database. The name of the person in charge, of the CEO, or of the person who is at the technical or economical desk may become very handy, because in a discussion is always better to know to whom you are addressing to.

As well as important is the fact that a commercial printing database must be in permanent actualisation. For that, special person calls from time to time to ensure that the information are correct and that nothing had changed. If there are changes, they will have to be noted so that the database can be actualized and ready to be used by its buyer.

That is what we are offering you. A fully updated database with all the information in which you are interested in. Maybe you want to know more about that, or maybe I had not been sufficiently explicit. Ask us. We are here for you. Give it a a try!

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